AusTalk: An audio-visual corpus of Australian English

AusTalk is a large state-of-the-art database of spoken Australian English from all around the country. Starting in June 2011, a thousand adults of all ages from 15 different locations in all states & territories were recorded, representing the regional and social diversity and linguistic variation of Australian English. Each speaker was recorded on three separate occasions to sample their voice in a range of scripted and spontaneous speech situations at various times.

This website makes the recordings that we collected available to researchers. If you want to work with the data, please register for an account.  The site will allow you to browse, preview and download the audio recordings in the corpus. You can also get access to the AusTalk data via the Alveo Virtual Laboratory which will provide additional support for working with the data (see these notes about how to access Austalk data).

Welcome Participants

If you were a participant in the data collection you can preview your own recordings via our Participant Portal. We encourage you to do this as we would like to invite you to review and agree to some additional terms for the distribution and use of your recordings. To review your data you need to know your Colour-Animal identifier.